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New Partner, New Place

It’s been fairly quiet over here, the usual difficulty in trying to juggle design biz and two young boys plus just life in general! This project is my baby though and I knew I really want to keep it going. So after our trip to Portugal to meet the lovely family...

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Planning family meals

I have been thinking about wanting to write a blog post for ages – I have the family stories, which I love to keep going, but I am not very confident in my writing. And I personally don’t feel that comfortable when writing about parenting and saying that I...

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Family Stories

Our family story

I love the family stories in Parent Tribe magazine. It’s great to hear how other families are doing things a bit differently and enjoying their time together. It really inspires me and I hope it inspires all my readers too. I have decided to start putting family...

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About Hatti

I am a mum of two boys and wife to a lovely man called Garfield. I love to inspire and be inspired by families who are doing what they love and making a difference in the world!
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