I wanted to write a little about the start to this year and how last year in 2017 I think a lot of people I know there seemed to be a lot of upheavals and changes and well, crap! For us it was about following our dreams, finding our place, finding our feet and tackling everyday challenges in a new off-grid way of life. We did get a practice being semi off-grid in the rental place we had before but going to our completely off-grid farm has been a completely different experience and the last half of 2017 was mostly getting our heads around that!

This gave us the space and time to settle and really think about our project and family life moving forward. It’s safe to say that in 2017 we were tackling each day as it came pretty unorganised, unsure and for a while slightly unsettled. Taking the trip back to the UK in October (although we love seeing home and our friends a lot) helped us get rid of any doubts we had and really helped us want to put down the roots here, as moving back to the UK is not an option for us at the minute because of the lifestyle we want and also financially.

By the end of the year something shifted and we were ready for and feeling a new and positive start to 2018 and I started having visions for the future, knowing it was time to establish our farm, family retreat and other projects I have wanted to do for a while. The energy in 2018 already is feeling a lot more dynamic and with it being a number 11 year in numerology it is a year for manifesting our dreams! Woo hoo!

Personally I have many projects I would like to move forward with this year including creating a space the boys and other kids to actively learn and grow within nature, becoming more zero waste in our family, hosting an eco build here, welcoming lots of families on working holidays and also within my business I would like to launch my flower essences range and start being a practitioner (something I have aimed towards for the past 3 years!). I know this is a lot but I feel it can be done with a bit more organisation than I usually have and with Garf and I (and the boys) working together as a team. The boys are great, they love to help with the projects that we have going on and love having daddy days whilst I concentrate on my own business projects too.

I put feelers out a few weeks back on tips for organising our lives better and someone suggested starting a bullet journal and I love it!┬áIf you don’t know about the bullet journal craze then hop over to pinterest to check it out. It’s basically where you have all of everything you need written down in one pad but you make it all super organised with page numbers and an index! I like it because you can choose what suits your needs rather than buying one off the shelf that might have bits in you won’t use. Plus it’s much cheaper this way and you can fancy it up yourself too with doodles and colours. In mine I have our new weekly schedule, things to watch, books to read, home ed resources, recipes, quotes, then monthly and weekly planners, meal plans then weekly lists for the quinta and for my biz. It’s awesome!

The bullet journals (Garf has one too now after seeing how cool mine was!!) plus our year planner is really helping us give what we consider a pretty ‘free’ life (no jobs, no school, minimal bills) some much needed structure. I know some folks living our lifestyle may believe it ruins the flow a bit writing plan and lists and that you should take each day at a time and be in the moment – but for us we want to get things done this year so it has been a revelation already! Last year we took it easy and flowed each day with virtually no schedule but this year it feels right to go with the plans!

There are things I would like to talk about more on the blog including basic advice/ tips on moving to Central Portugal with a family, how we are doing home ed in Portugal, how we are going zero waste plus more news on up coming projects here and so i would love to hear if these are subjects people would be interested to hear about?

We have also had lots of interest from families who want to come and do some volunteering holidays with us this year which is mega exciting – I love meeting new people! Our first family will be joining us in a few weeks and we are also looking for a single person a bit longer term who is good with kids which you can read more about on our Worldschooler Exchange website profile – which will also be featured on Workaway website too.

So all in all I am feeling 2018 – would love to hear your feelings too. Are you feeling 2018 for your family and what are your exciting plans? x