Parent Tribe aims to provide inspiration & support for families all around the world who value compassion, nature, creativity & adventure.

A bit more about us….


Hi I am Hatti, a stay-at-home and work-at-home mum of two wild young boys. I’m from the English Lake District but currently following a long-term dream of living abroad on a Quinta in Central Portugal with my lovely boys, husband Garf and dog Mindi.

Parent Tribe was born as an idea I had after trying to think how I could combine both my design & techy skills with my passions for natural parenting, family travel and creativity. I started Parent Tribe by myself in July 2013 as a downloadable online magazine. We are now a mini team (Garf (my husband), Clare and I) and are excited to work on the magazine style blog, shop, family holidays and more in the future.

Since becoming a mum my life has changed so so much! It has made me believe in myself and to live by my values. I’m constantly trying to build my life around what I think is best for my children. I believe they are gifts of the future and so how we teach them and show them the world will in turn affect the future of our world. I try to live my truth, show compassion, be grateful and do what I love doing and encourage them to do the same.

My son’s have inspired me to do some fantastic things and meet some beautiful people in the last 6 years. I set up a natural parenting group with a friend, started my own business Creative Soul, a design studio with a heart, so that I could work from home around my boys. AND…I set up my own magazine blog/ shop, Parent Tribe and have met so many inspiring people from all around the world through it! In fact the reason I am in Portugal now is because I met Clare (below) when she contacted me to be involved in Parent Tribe and we instantly got on, went on holiday there and 6 months later ended up moving here!

I just love meeting other parents who are passionate about the same things as me and are making a difference in the world by living their truths and inspiring their children to do the same. I love kids, creativity, kindness, nature and fun and I hope you do too.


I’m Garf, Hatti’s other half and I am also from The English Lake District but fulfilling a shared dream of living abroad with Hatti and the kids.

Hatti and I share the same philosophy about raising our kids (thankfully) and want to encourage them to do what they enjoy and most importantly to be happy. I am also really interested in finding the best and most enjoyable ways for my kids to learn. I am always delving into the world of  personal development, health & nutrition and I am happiest when out is exploring nature with my boys and our dog.

I’m really excited to join the Parent Tribe team and I will be blogging and helping with other things behind the scenes.


Hello! I’m Clare, I am mum to two energetic boys aged 7 and 2 years. We have always home educated our eldest son, and plan to continue this with our youngest son too, I have a huge passion for schooling outside of the mainstream curriculum, allowing children the freedom to learn within their own creative ways.

In the height of summer 2014 myself and husband Andy moved from beautiful west Cornwall where we lived in a cottage right by the sea and headed to central Portugal with a horse, 2 dogs, 2 tortoises, all our worldly possessions crammed into a van and the children who at that time were 5 year old and a very tiny 3 weeks old. We bought a farm, with no house on it, so moved into a tent in the olive grove of the farm in the blisteringly hot August summer heat (rarely a day went under 40 degrees) we had no electricity, and no running water. Before the coming winter – with the help of the local community – we converted the 300 year old barn which stood with mud floor and crumbling walls and so we had a small space to live for the colder months, in April 2015 we started building a strawbale house which was ready to move into in by August the same year.

We are both tipi makers by trade, and have since branched out into making canvas lodges, yurts and sway beds, this covers our bills, our farm (Hidden Valley Farm) is also home to our project in which we bring knowledge of much needed skills to people on a pay what you want basis, the farm is just over 1 hectare, set in the centre of a ranch in central Portugal overlooking the Malcata nature reserve, the workshops we run include low impact living, strawbale building, meditation, yoga, belly dance, juicing, and herbalism, and will also be featuring storytelling, music, and much more.

It’s been incredibly hard juggling a business, home schooling and building a house, it’s fair to say we were stretched to our physical limit! But somehow we have come out the other side and slowly nearly two years of hard work later I have time to turn to my other passion, writing…much as I love creating things with canvas, and running the workshops, my deep seated passion comes from writing and art, it is a form of expression and creativity I have loved since as young as I remember.

I started a blog following our adventures around the UK and Europe delivering our Tipis and then continued this into our adventure in Portugal. I am really excited to have the opportunity to write for Parent Tribe and be part of the team. In the future you’ll be hearing more from me regarding our home school and off grid adventures!

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