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Family story from our first volunteer family The Harrisons

Alice, 40, Tom, 41, Noah, 11 and Ned, 9 live in Leeds in the UK. They love adventures and were our first volunteer family where they helped us plan and make our outside toilet and shower block with recycled materials.   Please explain your lifestyle and philosophy Our lifestyle is driven by trying to create a positive impact on the lives of others through our work and daily interactions. We value kindness, compassion, exploration, creativity, growth and our relationships with others and our world. Entrepreneurship and not being afraid to do something different are what we try and model...

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Our first Workaway family project

This week we had such an amazing experience. Our first family came to stay on a working holiday and it went really well, apart from a few little issues that were learning experiences for us for the future. The Harrison family arrived and we guided them over the phone up to our track and then we quickly realised that it was going to be a struggle getting their 2m10cm wide van through the narrow bit of track just before our farm starts! This thankfully was the only major problem we had all week and after taking the best part...

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Info on moving to rural Portugal with a family

I wanted to write a little post about our experiences moving to Central Portugal as this is something I often get asked in terms of basic living costs/ education etc and so I wanted to try and cover it here in one place. I do think every situation and budget is completely different, so peoples experiences will differ, but I can only share our knowledge from experience and what others we know are doing too. When we moved over here our situation was that we wanted to rent for 6 months to see if we liked the area around...

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2018 we can’t wait for you!

I wanted to write a little about the start to this year and how last year in 2017 I think a lot of people I know there seemed to be a lot of upheavals and changes and well, crap! For us it was about following our dreams, finding our place, finding our feet and tackling everyday challenges in a new off-grid way of life. We did get a practice being semi off-grid in the rental place we had before but going to our completely off-grid farm has been a completely different experience and the last half of 2017 was...

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A vision coming to life – Our first family day

After an absolutely brilliant yet very tiring trip to the UK to spend time with friends and family and to sort the rest of our stuff out that was left with Garf’s parents, we arrived back with our friends and 4 days to sort out our first family day here at Brejo de Serra. My wonderful friend Clare and her three kids were staying with us and we spent a few days working out where on the land to hold the forest school session. Clare was amazing. She quickly turned our smaller olive grove into a beautiful space for...

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