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An organically grown t-shirt range

So today is the day I launch our new Parent Tribe t-shirt range, which has happened really rather quickly and organically. The new years eve to start off 2016, sitting at home in Ambleside, I made a new years resolution, which was to start drawing more again. I have always been into art and design from a young age, in fact that was the only thing in school I actually enjoyed and then went to art college and university where I did a lot of drawing and painting. But becoming a graphic designer for work and then a web...

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Settling into our off-grid Quinta in Central Portugal

So the past 6 weeks have been slightly crazy – one of those times of life which is exciting, new and adventurous, but some days you ask yourself ‘what the hell are we doing!!!?’. The off-grid dream: Living more self-sufficient, off the land, peaceful, secluded, kids playing free outside surrounded by nature is not always as we’d dreamt and as you can imagine can be really hard work some days. After all we are used to a world with so many conveniences. The up’s and down’s have been challenging. We spent a few weeks between our old rental place and...

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Family Story from Writer Starr Meneely

Family names and ages. Starr (37 ) lives with her husband Ashley (43) and children Joseph (9), Hannah (8), Ella (6) and Juliet (4) as well as their terrier Trixie, in a sweet little village in Surrey, UK. Please explain your lifestyle and philosophy When the children were smaller, and I spent so many years pregnant and breastfeeding, I had a lot of philosophies about parenting. We practiced attachment parenting as much as we could and were really careful with all of our lifestyle choices. As the children have grown older we’ve come to realise that our main philosophy about parenting and life, is simply just to...

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Are you a fellow parent Soulpreneur?

In 2016 I had been wanting to move Parent Tribe and my Creative Soul design biz forward for a while and wasn’t sure how to go about this when one night I stumbled across a link that took me to a course which was opening it’s doors for the first time the night after. As soon as I saw the course, although based on The sunshine coast of Australia (and I was living in the UK at the time) I knew I had to be part of Soulpreners. And I never looked back! Going through the course, being virtually...

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Family Story from Renee at Close Enough to Kiss

Renee (38) from Close Enough to Kiss (The world’s first babywearing magazine) lives with her husband Colin (38) and children Jordan (19), Ebony (14), Harrison (7), Callum (5) and our newest addition Ruby (18 months) in Norfolk, UK Please explain your lifestyle and philosophy. We are gentle parents who have a keen interest in babywearing and mindful living. We believe our little people have as much say in their upbringing as we do as adults and respect this. Some of our children have special needs and we feel this supports them to reach their fullest potential. We try to limit...

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