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A vision coming to life – Our first family day

After an absolutely brilliant yet very tiring trip to the UK to spend time with friends and family and to sort the rest of our stuff out that was left with Garf’s parents, we arrived back with our friends and 4 days to sort out our first family day here at Brejo de Serra. My wonderful friend Clare and her three kids were staying with us and we spent a few days working out where on the land to hold the forest school session. Clare was amazing. She quickly turned our smaller olive grove into a beautiful space for...

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Making, Sharing, Less Consuming and Building Community

I wanted to write a bit about how our lives have changed in the past few months since living off-grid on our quinta, as being back in the UK for a few weeks has highlighted to me how we live very differently now. Being off-grid and quite rural you need to quickly learn to become more resourceful than you have ever been. We, like many others that have recently moved to the area where we live, are trying to live with less and be more self reliant. Less money, less belongings and less s**t in our lives! More focus...

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Around the World Stories Review and Family Story

I am excited to share this amazing online resource for children we discovered a few months ago through the Worldschoolers facebook group.Around the World Stories is created by an American family who are worldschoolng and travelling Europe and as they go creating audio books about each country. Amazing! Each story lasts about half an hour and captures lots of interesting cultural things about each country. Myself and my 7 year old have loved listening to them and finding out more about the Europe. Each story also has a Parent Guide where you can delve into more details about the story...

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Surviving our first summer in Portugal and moving forward with our plans

Wow August was HOT!!! Being from the English Lakes we weren’t sure how we would survive days with over 40 degress heat – but we did!! We just did what people mainly do here in August – stayed inside, swam in local pools, rivers and lakes and didn’t do much work on the quinta at all apart from harvesting our figs, grapes, blackberries and more recently large apple tree! I felt the energy quite intense in August though. Not sure if it was because of the heat here and the constant fire risk (about an hours drive from us there...

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An organically grown t-shirt range

So today is the day I launch our new Parent Tribe t-shirt range, which has happened really rather quickly and organically. The new years eve to start off 2016, sitting at home in Ambleside, I made a new years resolution, which was to start drawing more again. I have always been into art and design from a young age, in fact that was the only thing in school I actually enjoyed and then went to art college and university where I did a lot of drawing and painting. But becoming a graphic designer for work and then a web...

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