Blessingway idea - celebrating your first born xWhen it came to my blessingway, I was really excited to have a little ceremony to welcome the soul of my new baby, but couldn’t help feeling a little sad about my first born. Sad that he didn’t get a special spiritual welcome, and a bit sad also that it is going to be the end of an era, 3.5 years of just me and him will be coming to an end. I talked to my friend who shared my blessingway and she said she felt the same about her 3.5 yr old daughter too and that, like me, she had also been feeling sad that the next few weeks will be the last they share alone.

I decided as part of my blessingway to start off with I would write a little reading for J. Something that would help give me closure of our 3.5 special years together and help me to move into the next chapter and welcome my next little one into the family properly.

I have since spoken to other friends who said they felt the same, wondering how the family dynamics will change after baby no.2 comes along. Especially if you have a few years gap and are used to being together so much. It is a big step. I really think writing this piece helped me to accept how I felt, move on, give thanks and look forward to being a mum of 2. I hope it might inspire others to do the same.

First born for you I am eternally grateful.

For when you were born,

I was reborn.

You envoked something in me.

The Protector.

The Nurturer.

The Mother.

You have brought back my sense of wonder,

Helped me see the world in a different light.

You help me practice unconditional love, patience & compassion everyday.

You have brought so many amazing & inspiring people into my life.

Because of you I now live with purpose.

Our journey so far has been challenging at times yet so amazing.

You early years are moments I will forever treasure in my heart.

And now we step into the next chapter my boy…

Together we will welcome this new and beautiful soul into our lives,

With Love.

With Gratitude.

With Wonder.

And it’s you who has prepared me so well for this my first born.

And for this I am eternally grateful.

To J, Love Mummy xxxx (Jan 2014)