Deciding to not carry on with Parent Tribe magazine was a hard one but it has given me the freedom to enjoy a relaxed Christmas and also to pursue things I have wanted to for a while this new year. Our main focus as a family this year is to get away for our long awaited and talked about trip to South America, well more specifically I think we have decided on Costa Rica. We have talked about this for years, since I read an article about CR in The Times when my big boy was a baby. I guess you could say Parent Tribe and all the inspiring travelling families I met through it has given us the confidence to just go for it. So yes this year our main focus is on saving for that and so it has become that a goal of mine is to earn some more money and save, save, save!

As a lot of you will know this isn’t an easy feat with having two young boys that are around with us most of the time, so the time I do get to focus on work when the hubster is around to take care of them is precious and needs to be used wisely!

After talking with the hubster about setting goals, attending an awesome local womens networking event about setting goals and also finding a great goal setting resource online I took the hint it was time to set some goals of my own – initially for the quarter and then for the year. It really made me think what would I like to happen this year and it ended up my goals for the first quarter of the year were:

  • Book our trip to Costa Rica
  • Get 3 ongoing clients/ ideally a passive income of some sort
  • Finish module 3 of my flower essence course
  • Finish a personal project experimenting with illustrations and typography

I have filled in the online goal setting resource found on the blog Elegance & Enchantment. You can find the goal planning sheet at the bottom of the recent post about how to create an inspiring gallery wall.

I then decided to create a vision board as I have always heard how effective they are and was reminded again when I attended the local networking event. I have made them in the past and they have just ended up kind of blending into the background, so this time I thought I would create a screensaver, desktop background vision board and a separate one for my phone screen saver to subconsciously remind me every time I looked at my computer and phone, what I am aiming for this year.

I found a great blog post on the Artful parent blog on how to create a vision board, so i basically used this idea but created a digital board using Photoshop. If you don’t have Photoshop you can use an online editing tool called Pixlr instead and then save the image and use it as your desktop background and screen saver. I also made an image to fit my phone, saved it to Dropbox which i also have on my phone and then downloaded the image from there and saved it as my phone screen saver. As Costa Rica is my main goal for the year that is the only thing that features on my phone vision board. Mainly as a reminder to save and not spend money – as I am very good at doing that!

You can see my main vision board above and my screen saver below. I hope this has inspired you to make your own goals and vision board. It has certainly made me more focused this week as when I get time to do some work or a personal project I look at my goal sheet or vision board and focus on those things rather than getting distracted elsewhere. Happy goal setting and vision board making people!

Screen Shot 2016-02-01 at 21.51.54

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