photo 1Happy New year to all you compassionate, creative and conscious parents out there! I hope that you have all had a wonderful Christmas and New Year break. Things have been quiet on the social media front here, as a few days before Christmas we were having a lovely party inside our house, whilst outside it was wild, wet, and windy and our phoneline was completely cut off. And of course with it the wifi down! I took this as a sign to cut myself off from my online work for a week or so and enjoy some family time, and it was just what we all needed.  I have still been using my phone (for the occasional Facebook or Instagram browse) to catch up on what family and friends around the globe are doing, but being cut off from wifi at home means I have had a proper break from work, which is just what you need when you work from home online and can be easily tempted into the laptop late at night, when you should be taking time out! Especially as the baby bump is getting rather big now, another excuse to take some ‘feet up’ time over the festive season while I have husband and other family members around to run after the my little man!

So this year was a very creative Christmas for me, inspired by the lovely creative mamas I featured in our Parent Tribe Xmas special (mainly Mini Magpie), I dug the sewing machine out and got into some upcycling.  I made some clothes out of old jumpers for my little man, the patchwork jumper I was very proud of, the trousers haven’t worked so well as give J a bit of a cold bum if he doesn’t yank them up every 5 mins! I also made a cushion for my sister (and a present to myself) out of some jumpers and a piece of knitting my grandma made for me the year before she passed away. It was meant to be a draught excluder but she had just given it to me to sew up and I never did, so I thought it would be quite special if me and my sister had a piece of her creativity in our living rooms instead! I also made some homemade moisturizer Lotion for some people (and again a tub for myself) from the recipe on the wellness mama website. I love this stuff, so easy to make and so nice to your skin. It’s all me and the other half use on our skin.

This Christmas we told family and friends we were having a minimalist Christmas, partly because last year I felt it was a competition of the grandparents to see who could get J the most, and I felt he was overwhelmed by it, but mainly because of our plans in 2014. I can’t say much about this at the minute, but we want to keep our possessions (or should I say clutter) to a minimum! I think J must have even picked up on the minimalist thing too and when asked what he’d like Father Christmas to bring he said clothes and cereal, what a practical little 3 yr old! Well actually he initially said clothes and a sword, but I explained we don’t play with swords in our house and he seemed happy with that and it quickly changed to cereal! So the gifts we all received were very well thought out and practical or consumable such as chocs, more chocs, cereal, clothing (some for a hotter climate), small books for travel, sticker books, travel bags, sunglasses cases and actually lots of dinosaur themed things and duplo! Some clues given about our plans for this year in there!

The best bit of course about Christmas though, for me, is spending time with family, not worrying about doing anything or being anywhere, just enjoying snuggling in front of the fire, watching seasonal films, walking together when the weather permits, eating chocolate and other festive foods. I have also really enjoyed sitting back, relaxing with the bump and watching J enjoy the company of his daddy, grandparents, cousins, aunties, uncles and other family members that he doesn’t spend as much time with as he does me. It’s made me realise how independent he’s getting now and how much of a lovely and sociable little boy he has become. He enjoys company of all ages and people seem to enjoy his company too, it makes me very happy to see : )

So now we’ve moved into the new year and I’m looking forward to what this year brings for myself and for our family and lots of emotions are already arising. Our second baby is due in around 9 weeks and a couple of months later we have some big plans for our family, again all to be revealed soon! I am also sending out the next edition of Parent Tribe in the next week or so and have plans to develop an online course for creative mamas to get their businesses online sometime either before, or after the new baby arrives. So I guess at the minute my head is spinning with lots of feelings/ emotions – excitement, creativity, happiness, nervousness, nostalgia and slight panic but I can’t wait to get it all started. Bring it on I say, I can’t wait to see what 2014 brings me and my boys : )