Family names and ages

Clare 33, andy 37, Tom 6 and Oscar 18 months

Where you live

Central Portugal

Please explain your lifestyle and philosophy

We are completely off grid, and live a low impact lifestyle, our aim is to show you can do this without needing to have a large income and without needing to live in a cave, we want to show people that normal people can live this way in comfort and with modern luxuries around them to some degree

Do you work-from-home or are you a stay at home parent? Please tell us about it.

Work from home making tipis, and running workshops, while also home schooling

How do you make things work?

We muddle on through!! Sheer grit and determination, attempted organisation and the ability to be hugely flexible with expectations and plans

What inspired your lifestyle?

Personally for me (Clare) people like Daniel Suelo initially inspired me to look again at the normal way people choose to live, the realisation of the fact we would never have enough money to be financially stable, in terms of owning our own house outright, and having a large wad of cash to see us not needing to work, the realisation that we would for we be working to pay rent or mortgage meant when I read more about Daniel I saw there was a sideways way to get stability and security, and this was through lowering our reliance on money as much as possible, getting off grid, with no rent and mortgage, and only having bills which we could do without if need be (car etc) we could live on much less money and take the pressure off.

What are your childrens education options?

Eldest is home schooled, he could go to the local school if he wanted but they are very conservative and have long hours and he chose to continue to stay at home, it means him learning the language is slower but this is fine with us, we haven’t started learning until in our 30’s and are getting there so if anything he still has over 20years advantage over us!

If you work from home what is the best bit of advice you could give other parents who want to work from home?

To expect little and often, get the kids involved if possible, expect to work a lot of hours around them while they are at home with you (even if this is hugely inconvenient to you, I work lots of nights!)

What is your favourite family activity?

Going to the river beach or going for long walks with the dogs around the ranch

Three words to describe how you feel about your lifestyle?

Tiring, fulfilling, freedom!!

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