In 2016 I had been wanting to move Parent Tribe and my Creative Soul design biz forward for a while and wasn’t sure how to go about this when one night I stumbled across a link that took me to a course which was opening it’s doors for the first time the night after.

As soon as I saw the course, although based on The sunshine coast of Australia (and I was living in the UK at the time) I knew I had to be part of Soulpreners. And I never looked back!

Going through the course, being virtually ‘supported’ by Yvette and the other soulpreneurs ,many who are mum’s (and dad’s) like myself who are juggling their work around family life, was priceless and the self-development and confidence I received to move my business forward in the way I felt was right for me was just what I needed at the time.

Since starting the course I have moved my design business into the niche I had wanted to for a long time and attracted many ideal customers, re-visioned and re-vamped Parent Tribe, made our family dream of moving abroad a reality as I can now support us with my online work, gained some beautiful online friends who really get what I am about and most of all it has made me feel positive about going for my ideas and listening to my heart when thinking how to go about business. This is something I cannot put a price on.


The online support network is fab and there are many other mothers (and dads) who are also working around family life, giving eachother support and inspiration and doing amazing things! Some of which i would like to give a shout out to:

Shunanda – an amazing energy and angel intuitive. If you are into angels follow her instagram account – the messages she puts on their I think are so amazing.

Kate Bowern – who runs Healthy Fit Kids

Karla Pizzica – a fabulous fellow graphic and web designer

Prue Henschke – who runs Mamas Me Time – a blog that helps mamas prioritise self-care.

These gals are based in Australia and there are a few more Soulpreneurs popping up in Europe but I would love for there to be more and maybe one day we will also have some Soulpreneur meet ups!

The Soulpreneurs course has now opened the doors to everyone and I am happy to say I am an ambassador for this beautiful online gathering and information bank of like-minded soulful business folk.

As a BONUS if you sign up to the Soulpreneurs course via my link you will receive:

  • ALL the Parent Tribe Magazine’s that were published, in PDF format,
  • A custom design a piece of hand-lettered artwork with your child/ children’s name on it OR a favourite quote
  • An hour long Skype consultation to help you with your branding and website when you come to the fabulous branding and website modules the Soulpreneurs course has to offer.

I am going to be openly honest and say I will make money from this affiliate link – bit of a bonus, but this is something I don’t do lightly. I would never be affiliated with something I didn’t think was worth it for other people. I think it is perfect for parents who are moving ahead and trying to start a holistic or soul-centred business, especially for the support and guidance it offers AND the content that you have access to forever. And it’s not just for coaches, yogi’s or therapists. It’s also for creatives, administrators and organisers who wanted to work from a more heart-centered place.

Please check out Soulpreneurs for yourself – and if you have any questions about the course I could try and answer them as best I can.