‘Freedom Face – A beauty guide free from toxic ingredients, expensive gloop and self-hating bullshit.’

So Freedom Face – Lucy Aitkenread’s (from the fab, in fact probably one of my favourite and most inspiring blogs Lultastic and the Hippyshake) second e-book was released recently and lovely Lucy kindly sent me a copy over to review.

It’s a fab book all about natural beauty and healthcare products for yourself and your family. Written with the same fun and hilarious, yet very well thought out and researched style she writes in her blog, this book is so informative about the subject of making your own homemade products.

Freedom Face starts off talking about why you shouldn’t use shop bought beauty products – apart from the fact it can save you lots of cash and it’s fun to do – Lucy talks about protecting your acid mantle, which I must admit I hadn’t heard of before. She then goes on to write four sections (Ace Your Face, Hair Necessities, Your Body is a Wonderland & Smiles Files) with 39 recipes detailing the experience, ingredients, method and results. Lots of interesting ingredients that can be easily found in your kitchen cupboard, health food shop or online but the most interesting to me was the beetroot powder blusher or soaking your hard dry skin in your own wee! Nothing us crunchy mamas (and dadas) can’t handle I guess – why not give it a go I say!

It’s all written as if it’s been a big fun experiment for Lucy which I love. I can imagine her yurt in New Zealand being full of jars of different lotions and potions here and there and her and her kids going hunting for different herbs and other bits and bobs to put in them. A great thing for her kids to learn too!

I already make my own moisturiser, dry shampoo, cleaning products and not long ago made some hair wax so I could grow my son’s fringe out to the side (as he didn’t want it cut and it was literally hanging in his eyes – and it worked!!!) but I will certainly be trying a few of the recipes in Freedom Face. The homemade shower gels, sunscreen, bug repellants, tooth paste (once we get through our bulk flouride free toothpaste box), teeth whitener, lipstick and more. And I will definitely be trying oil pulling on my teeth – something I have been meaning to do for a while. Also need to get myself some shea butter – I thought coconut oil was the biz but this stuff sounds amazing!

Also when my Suma bulk Shampoo runs out very soon I am considering doing the No-poo thing and there are some great options for washing hair with alternatives in this book too, however I think I might need to read Lucy’s other book Happy Hair before I do this!?

Yes Freedom face is fab – extensive info about natural beauty packaged in a funny heart warming book. If like me you like saving a bit of cash and making your own awesome beauty products I really recommend you spend a few of your evenings checking this out 🙂

You can buy Freedom Face through various options on the Lultasic and the Hippyshake blog here >>