Getting the balance right during pregnancyI have wanted to write this blog for a few weeks, firstly to share our very exciting news that we are expecting our 2nd baby Burt and also to explain why things have been so quiet on the Parent Tribe front! Basically I have been feeling bleerghhhh and have probably been the tiredest I have ever been in my whole life, which doesn’t fit well with being a full time mum to an almost 3 yr old, who also runs a business from home. We are so so happy about the news but to be honest I didn’t expect feeling like this as last time I breezed through the first trimester (and the rest of pregnancy) with just sore boobs and one week where I went off cheese. This time I don’t fancy anything apart from jacket potatoes and orange juice (which to me is very strange as I like anything!) so I figured my body is telling me I need some carbs and Vit C to keep me going!

The thing that has hit me the most is the tiredness. It has made me realise how much energy I usually as I can keep going through sleepless nights, full days with toddlers and still manage to stay up late and get my work done and keep me creative juices flowing, but OH NO this has not been the case. I have been struggling to get through the day with my little man, propping eyes open at about 2pm and then finding it hard not to fall to sleep when putting him to bed. I have even stuck films on and laid on the sofa with him some afternoons which is unheard of usually as we don’t have tv on during day. At first I was frustrated, worried about not getting work done, worried about what people will think, stressing about money etc but then I thought, and was reminded by close friends I need to slow down, rest and look after myself and my new growing baby. After all, like someone said to me my body is busy growing a miracle after all and as we have plans or only 2, this could be the last time I am EVER pregnant!

So what do you do when you have a child to look after and run a business from home but feel totally rubbish and tired during pregnancy? Here are the strategies I have used to cope over the past few weeks, and hopefully, like me, at the end of your first trimester, your energy levels and appetite will return again:

  • Rest, rest, rest – This is so important you need to rest as much as you can. I have been taking extra naps sometimes when hubby comes in so that later on I can try and get on with some work once little one is asleep. He has been helping with cooking dinner!
  • Set yourself small targets for a while – I realised after a couple of weeks of feeling rubbish that I just wasn’t going to get the same amount of work done as usual so instead of stressing that I wouldn’t get it done I set myself tiny little targets. For instance getting the latest edition of PT out I tried to do one article a day. I then tried to allocate an hour here and there to do my other design work.
  • Try and wind down for a bit – I have been lucky as the past couple of months have been quiet for my design business. Usually I would go out and do some networking or promotion online to try and find more work but I decided to take advantage and go with it. It has given me more rest time and less stress which has been just what was needed. Yes we haven’t had a great time with cash flow but we have managed and know that there will be more time for it once I am feeling better.
  • Don’t feel guilty – I started to feel guilty to begin with because I have been lazy putting the tv on during the day sometimes instead of getting out and about just because of energy levels. Have also felt guilty for not making as much money as usual but then I thought hang on, no, stop putting pressure on yourself. This time will pass so just enjoy being lazy and growing a baby, you can aim to be supermum again when you feel better!
  • Ask for help more – I find this one hard as i guess its admitting how you feel and you don’t want to seem like your complaining but you must ask for help. I asked hubby to cook dinner more than usual and my friend to look after the little man during the day a couple of times. Just so that i could get work done earlier in the day before my eyes seriously started closing and brain shutting down around 7pm!
  • Don’t worry – Worrying is not good for pregnancy or parenting so if you feel rubbish just try to accept it and go with the flow. In most pregnancies it won’t last long!
  • Obvious one but eat and drink well – A little bit of what you fancy does you good and most cravings are what you actually need so try to listen to your body and figure out what it is you need. Unless you are craving strange things like coal which probably isn’t a good idea!


I hope this has helped some people who may be in the same situation as me. The main thing is to get a balance, look after yourself, look after your child and keep your business going as best you can. It will blow over soon and you can get back to doing what you love and you will be closer to meeting your little one. Hmmm thats the next challenge, running a business with two kids around. If you have any tips or experiences or would like to share how you make it work please leave a comment or find out more here >>