Change is good 

Parent Tribe Magazine is merging with The Mother Magazine! Exciting times!

So there has been many, many changes in my life this year. I gave birth to my second gorgeous little boy, we changed ours minds about moving to Oz and ended up in Ambleside (which is really beautiful) and now I am going to be the digital editor of a new online magazine for my favourite parenting magazine, The Mother.

Introducing Connect magazine…Connect Magazine

Connect is going to be a free online magazine on The Mother website and will be similar to the Parent Tribe magazine I was producing before. But, I get to work with the fabulous Starr Meenley, which I am really excited about! You can subscribe to the new Connect magazine by clicking on the image to the right…

So what’s happening to Parent Tribe?

There will be some changes to the website in the next few weeks. I still plan to blog about creativity, holistic living and nature in parenting as part of a magazine type blog.

I would still like to support parents who work around their family at home through my Parent Tribe Directory.

I am also thinking in the future of creating child friendly courses for parents in the creative and holistic field.

All I can say is please stick with me and watch this space. There will be more exciting changes, I can feel it!!