I have just finalised the questionnaire about Milestones of Motherhood for my good friend Clare Coopers future book. If you haven’t heard about this fantastic project, hop across to the Beautiful Beginnings website or the Facebook page of Milestones of Motherhood to find out how you can get involved. I think it is going to be great, Clare is such an inspiring writer for the Mother Magazine, Parent Tribe as well as other publications.

I was reminded to finish my questionnaire off when I was on the phone to Clare before, chatting to her as we often do, sharing what’s going on in our family lives. I was telling her about my youngest starting to walk and she pointed out to me I am reaching a milestone at the moment. I am letting go of my youngest, and possibly last (if my husband has anything to do with it) baby. He’s becoming a toddler and as everyday I catch him walking more steadily and further each time, I kind of feel sad but then need to remind myself to enjoy the moment and let go.

This afternoon I napped with him. This has been so rare with my second as nap time is usually time with my eldest, but this afternoon he was out biking with his dad. I knew I had things to do, the kitchen was a mess, I was planning to put some things on ebay and other various things, but I decided to stay cuddled up to my baby, sleeping together and enjoying the moment as I know that soon he won’t be having naps anymore and this phase in our lives will be gone.

I guess to me each milestone in mothering makes me stronger as a person, but also reminds me each time to enjoy the moments, savour the time you have together, because it passes too fast.