Although I am really happy with both print editions of Parent Tribe magazine produced this year and really kind of proud of myself looking at what I have achieved with it, I am very certain of my decision to not go any further with Parent Tribe magazine in print.

This decision hasn’t come easy as this is something I have been putting a lot of my time and effort into for a long time but this is kind of one of the reasons why. Running a magazine, especially in print can be a full time job and I guess I didn’t realise this until I did it. I have been up late most nights since starting Parent Tribe again in Spring 2015, as with a design business which brings my money in, looking after my children full time and also my housework (which was ignored for a while), this is usually the time I get to spend on the magazine. And guess what, I did this for a couple of months thinking I was superwomen and then it hit me – burn out! I was tired, grumpy and stressed and although I was excited to see my magazine in print I was also wondering what the hell I was doing.

It actually took a friend to say to me “what if you didn’t have Parent Tribe, would that make things easier for you?” – and I thought about it and thought actually YES it would! I wondered to myself why am I spending this precious time doing this, tiring myself out and often missing moments with my children? I realised that what I wanted to get from the magazine had been fulfilled and that it was ok to admit that my energy just wasn’t in it anymore and that it wasn’t going to work long term unless I put my all into, which I just can’t do at this point in my life. I initially worried what people would think but then I thought (well hoped) that people will understand my reasons and that people move on and things sometimes don’t work out. And that’s ok as it’s all a learning curve!

So I am writing this really to say that this is the end of Parent tribe magazine as far as I can see and that I feel relieved. I want to say to people don’t carry on doing things just because you think you should, especially if it’s taking you away from your family time, as that is so precious. I guess I started Parent Tribe to see how other people were working/ travelling doing thing around their families and most importantly doing things that brought joy to them and their children. I have come to the conclusion running a print magazine isn’t going to do that for myself and my family.

I’ve also felt that putting myself and my children in the spotlight all the time just in the name of business didn’t feel right and I want to reign it in a bit. I know a lot of people do and that’s ok if everyone feels happy about it, but I realised I wasn’t feeling comfortable with it and my 5 year old has sometimes started asking for his photos to be taken off Facebook, so I feel I want to respect his privacy.

I have decided to leave the blog up at the moment whilst I think about what to do going forward and I am also selling the print magazines I have in my online shop, but at the moment and especially in the new year I would just like to focus my time on my kids, design business, studying flower essences and doing other things I would like to do like exploring my illustration skills, reading more books and getting to know my bed better!

Wishing you all a very happy 2016 and I hope you all have the courage to follow your hearts and do what brings you joy.