So today is the day I launch our new Parent Tribe t-shirt range, which has happened really rather quickly and organically.

The new years eve to start off 2016, sitting at home in Ambleside, I made a new years resolution, which was to start drawing more again. I have always been into art and design from a young age, in fact that was the only thing in school I actually enjoyed and then went to art college and university where I did a lot of drawing and painting. But becoming a graphic designer for work and then a web designer you end up using the computer a lot for creativity and design work and not using your hands and actually drawing enough – well that’s what I did anyway. So I decided that night I would start drawing.

It quickly picked up and I enjoyed doing little doodles and then got into doing some hand lettering with black inks then editing them with my computer and that then turned into doing some fun little quotes. Before I knew it I was posting some hand lettered quotes on my design business blog and another lovely mama and business woman approached me to do a fun project together.


I worked on many little illustrations for this project and sadly, because of personal reasons it didn’t ended up happening, but I knew they would be used for something one day. It was a while later when the Mother Magazine merged with Juno Magazine I was put in touch with Juno and they liked the illustrations and decided to feature them in their magazines 🙂 This month they offered me an advertisement in return for my illustrations and at first I didn’t know what I should advertise. I was thinking my design business wasn’t really that suitable for Juno and what could I advertise for Parent Tribe, then Garf came up with the idea of doing t-shirts as this is something I had thought about doing for a long time. Many times have I drawn up some t-shirt and clothing designs for kids in my ideas book that has come to nothing.

Next step was to find a good company in the UK that had organic clothing and could print on demand, as the only ones I had seen in the past were based in the USA and as most of Parent Tribe readers are in the UK I thought it would be good to keep the production close by. I searched the net and found a great one and so the past two weeks have been choosing some designs, tweaking some and making some more and producing a t-shirt range with compassionate and adventurous families in mind.

Hope you all enjoy folks 🙂

For my lovely Parent Tribe email list I am going to send a gift of some money off the new range and if you also sign up now you will also receive this for the month of August.

Keep following your dreams and your hearts xxx