Welcome to ‘Brejo de Serra’ – the Parent Tribe Retreat

We are about to start inviting families to enjoy our new Quinta (farm) in Central Portugal with us, to experience off-grid living and learn on the land together.

Our Quinta is nestled into some rocky hills in a very secluded place in between the town of Penamacor and the well known historical village of Monsanto.

We are planning a project where families can come and join day eventsvolunteering holidays, permaculture and natural building workshops and eventually family retreats.

We can’t wait to welcome families into our new space to enjoy learning, meeting new people and creating a hub for like-minded families.

UPDATE: We are currently living back in the UK spending some time out with family and to make more money to keep our project going. Find out more here….


Volunteering at Brejo De Serra

Currently we have no volunteering opportunities or the rest of 2018. Please do get in touch to enquire about next year.

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