After a year of being away and much discussion we have decided to offer the opportunity of buying our beautiful off-grid farm in Portugal in the hope that whoever takes it on will carry on with a family/ holistic retreat in one way or another.

Our plan for the farm was to create a ‘worldschool’ off grid retreat in association with our blog Parent Tribe that had been running for 4 years previously and interviewed parents all over the globe doing things such as worldschooling. We wanted to use the space to bring families together to learn about eco living together and do projects together.

The space is perfect for this as it is nestled in it’s own little valley and is surrounded by big granite rocky mountains that children love to explore and play on. Everyone who came to visit told us it was one of the nicest locations for a quinta they had seen and perfect for a family retreat. It really is a hidden gem.

Our circumstances have changed which means we cannot carry on with the project. We are happy to share our plans and how much we thought it would cost to move forward with the retreat as well as contacts we had from our blog, the area and where we were planning on advertising the retreat. If you like you can also be part of the Parent Tribe project and take this forward as the project we were going to run as your own.  

 The Quinta (FARM)

The quinta is set in it’s own secluded valley 20 mins walk outside the popular village of Aldeia de Joao Pires, 10 mins drive south of Penamacor. It has stunning views towards the village on the hill Monsanto, which is stunning when lit up at night. There is 8,000 square metres of land with the opportunity to buy more for very cheap to make it up to over 1 hectare.

The house

The house is a 2 double bedroom house. The main living area is the old barn with granite walls and is open plan kitchen and sitting room with an open fire. The kitchen is all loose cupboards and we would leave some furniture. This then leads on to the newer extension where there is a shower room and two double bedrooms.

Bedroom one can be double or twin. Bedroom two is very large and could be split into two or could have a mezzanine added to make more space. Most furniture will be left however this needs to be discussed.
The shower room the toilet is flushable currently to a pit but for less than €500 a vermicomposting toilet could be fitted.
The water is gravity fed from a tank on rocks at the back of the house, which is connected to the well.

The whole house is in good condition with tiled floors throughout and the extension walls all plastered and painted.
Out the front there is a sink with running water on a small patio.
Gas is used to heat the water.

Apart from gas and firewood there are no running costs to the property.

At the back of the house the solar system is stored (as you can see in photos) – this was newly bought and fitted in 2017 and is quite a large system that can run fridge/ freezer and washing machine.

Water is from a covered well which is beautiful drinking water.

House is totally exempt from habitation laws – we confirmed this with our lawyer when buying, so it is a completely legal habitation.

We also built a shack outside, with our first workaway family, which currently has a compost toilet section and a shower section. This was the start of building infrastructure for guests. It needs a tank to be connected and gravity fed to the shower.

Lots of olive trees and fruit trees including figs, apples, pear, plum, pomegranate, persimmon, almond and more.
Great land for growing vegetables.

Space to put 1-3 yurts or bell tents for renting out and possibly a small dipping pool. Or opportunity to live in a yurt yourself and rent the house out as a family hostel with outside communal areas. House would need modifying a bit for this but possible.

There is also scope to buy some other bits of land around the quinta from Portuguese neighbours for very cheap to extend the property and this included a small rocky granite mountain with amazing views over to Monsanto, would be lovely to have a hut at the top of it!

Lovely neighbours within walking distance around the house and local and expat community in the local area.

The quinta is 10-15 mins drive to Penamacor, 15 mins drive to Monsanto (most Portuguese village), 3 mins drive to the village of Aldeia de joao pires, 50 mins to Castelo branco and 40 mins to Fundao. A few lakes and river beaches around for swimming on hot days and many of the villages and towns have festas on all year round. There is a growing expat community around the area who are very supportive and there are lots of new opportunities arising. The local Portuguese are very friendly and welcoming too.

We are looking for €75,000 investment for property and really hope to find the right people!
Please email Hatti me for more details. Or contact via Facebook. 

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