Welcome to ‘Brejo de Serra’ – the Parent Tribe Retreat

We are about to start inviting families to enjoy our new Quinta (farm) in Central Portugal with us, to experience off-grid living and learn on the land together.

Our Quinta is nestled into some rocky hills in a very secluded place in between the town of Penamacor and the well known historical village of Monsanto.

We are planning a project where families can come and join day eventsvolunteering holidays, permaculture and natural building workshops and eventually family retreats.

We can’t wait to welcome families into our new space to enjoy learning, meeting new people and creating a hub for like-minded families.


Events at Brejo de Serra

 Children Barefoot on the Earth – Friday family days

After the success of our first family day we have decided to make a more regular group every Friday in our Olive grove. For weekly event details see our Facebook page.

Volunteering at Brejo De Serra

At our Quinta Brejo de Serra we want to build The Parent Tribe Retreat. We are learning how to work our land and become more self-sufficient and our kids are learning alongside us. We would like to be able to invite other families to stay and learn about the things we have learned too, get involved with projects which we are undertaking and to appreciate the surroundings as much as we do. We believe children learn best and develop a sense of achievement through getting involved real life projects and conversation, which is why we plan for all the projects here to be ones children can get involved in if they so wish. Some projects won’t be completely child friendly but they can always get involved in the planning. If they want to play instead that is ok too! If families come with babies or young children we will understand that their needs must come first and can work around that – all ages are welcome!

2018 Volunteering


We are looking for families to help us move forward with our project. We had our first workaway family recently who helped us plan and build a shower and toilet block outside. It was great having the whole family involved and everyone building together. This year we are hoping to get on with many other things that will move our project forward for us to be able to host workshops and retreats for families. We are looking for families that could help us with

  • Garden help – tidying, clearing, planting
  • Building a simple outside kitchen and shady area
  • Building a chicken hutch
  • Building another storage shed
  • Helping to build a veranda and outside kitchen on our house (labouring work alongside other local builders)
  • Helping with the Friday kids group – assisting with building play areas using recycled materials within the olive grove (ideas welcome)

Accommodation would ideally be in your own tent but we could also put one up if needed. We can provide blow up beds and blankets but ideally you need to bring own sleeping bags.

For families we can provide breakfast in return for 3 hours work per day. We can also share some other meals but we will all need to contribute to the cost. If we have agreed on a set project with more hours work we will provide more meals. Mostly simple plant based food although we aren’t exclusively plant based. Use of our shower until we get outside facilities finalised and we have a camping stove for people also if needed.

As we are 15 mins walk from the village own transport would be great. Vans over 2 metres wide will struggle to fit up our track without getting scratched!!

We are looking for people who are keen to join in with our family and have a laugh. We are a crazy, fun loving family who are just trying to learn and grow our eco project. Our schedule is usually very laid back but we have many projects we would like to get going in the next few months, so the more the merrier. Please get in touch with Hatti if you would like to apply.



2018 Workshops

During spring of 2018 we are planning a couple of eco build workshops for families. Please keep checking back for more details at the start of the new year.



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