A few weeks ago I had the pleasure of going into the Expression Education school (the small democratic school my son goes to) to share my passion of flower and vibrational essences with some of the children.

The school invites parents to lead sessions for the kids sharing their expertise and knowledge, so I offered to share my knowledge in either design or flower essences. I have been studying flower essences, to become a flower essence practitioner, for the past 2 years and I really feel it has changed my life and using essences on myself and my family has helped us feel more positive, relaxed, trusting and able to make changes and take risks.

I went in for 2 sessions over 2 weeks – the first session I took in some Bach Flower essence cards and some photocopies of a few of them with the feelings that each essence can aid and cut them into two. We talked about the history of how flower essences started with Dr Bach in the UK and also about different feelings and opposite feelings. So we chatted how the opposite of anger is love and the opposite of fear is feeling safe and trusting. I then asked them to think of how the images of the flowers made them feel and we tried to match them up to the feeling words. They instantly got how Oak essence would give us strength and Holly was linked to anger. We also drew our favourite flowers and plants and wrote about them too.



I worked with a group of around 5 kids with a range of ages from 5-13. The younger ones liked drawing their flowers and talking about how it made them feel and an older girl was really interested in and fascinated by the whole subject and chose to write about all the essences and research different essences ranges independently. It was really nice to see the different ages working well together and at their own pace and interests. Two young girls drew flowers and gave them to me which was really sweet.

The second week we delved into making some essences which was lots of fun! I encouraged the group to walk around and see which plants of flowers they felt attracted to and explained that the theory is that if you are attracted to them, then those are the ones which you need at the time. We had a walk around and talked about what was growing in the school playground. We found camomile, orange trees, rosemary and many more weeds and trees. I was actually amazed by some of the knowledge of the older girls – they knew more plant names than I did! What did I expect though – these are kids who have been living on Quinta’s in central Portugal with plant loving parents!


Once they had chosen their flowers and plants we put some of the leaves or petals in some spring water in a jar and left them in the sun. We sat outside in the sun designing our labels for our essences and writing how these plants made us feel until the essences were ready. I then explained how to keep the essence you just take the leaves and petals out and then add a preservative like alcohol or apple cider vinegar and also if they want to make into rooms sprays they could also add essential oils and put them in a spray bottle. They all went home with their essences in jars and plans of what to do with them.

It was such a lovely experience for me to be part of the school and was lovely that through that one subject of flower essences they learnt so much. We covered a bit of history, holistic health, art, design, nature studies, measuring, feelings and emotions and trusting intuition. Such a lovely subject to talk about with kids and whilst in the sunshine in sunny Portugal 🙂