So, my little one is almost 11 months and the past year has been life changing. After two moves (the first one being a last min decision not to move to Aus, but to move in with in-laws) and getting used to having two kids, being away from my little ‘tribe’ and a completely different lifestyle, I am finally getting chance to slow down and reflect on what has happened. Because a lot has, both in our family life and for me on a personal level. I haven’t felt like being my usual creative self until this week (after taking some Australian Bush Flower Creative Essence, seriously it has worked wonders!) and now I feel like I now want to start trying to make the time to be creative again, but also being mindfully there for my boys. I’m still trying to figure out how to fit it all in, but this is what I have learnt and would like to focus on going forward.

Trust in myself – I’m sure I mentioned this in a previous post but I think a lot of the lessons I have been through this year have been to make me trust in myself more. In my intuition if you like. And things keep happening to test this over and over again. I’m not to ask others opinion like I always used to, to get answers, but to trust my intuition, as now I know it’s there and is always right if I follow it. Always.

Keep things simple – This year I am big on minimalism. Already this year I have read two books about it on my new e-reader and I am hooked. I have challenged myself to a week of turning off my phone most of the day (which hasn’t gone well as I have been selling things on Facebook so constantly checking that!) and taking a carrier bag a day for a week to the charity shop. I have also sold a few things this week and already made £125!

It’s not just about getting rid of things though I’m trying to keep life simple in general, only buying things I really need or really like, making simple yet nutritious meals and only buying the ingredients needed for those meals using a weekly meal plan, only spending time with people or doing things I like, only taking on work I can realistically do and actually enjoy, not rushing into things (which we are famous for!)… you get the picture.

And the minimalism thing fits into the next focus point:

Living intentionally – So this is similar really but I am reading a lot at the moment, like Russell Brands new book, Revolution , the minimalist books and also one about climate change by Naoim Klein, called This Changes Everything and I more than ever realise things need to change. The world is a pretty messed up place at the mo and if we want it to change for our children, then we all need to change and teach our children a different way of life. It’s not going to work to go on consuming, consuming, consuming the way we are now. I really believe we need to live differently, stop being ignorant and think about the choices we are making daily to do with our lifestyles. I want to have the courage to do the things I believe in such as a mostly plant based family diet, educating my children in a different way, consuming less, showing love and compassion to all living things, looking after our environment, growing our own food, doing what we love and more. My mission this year is to do these things with my children and show them that is can be fun and life can be lived differently.

Something I read recently about climate change, was that if we don’t make changes to our emissions by 2017 (THATS 2 YEARS AWAY!!!) then there are irreversible changes that will happen to our climate which will mean our children will definitely deal with more and more serious natural disasters! It’s not me just saying this, this is real, and to me it’s pretty scary. It makes me want to become some sort of activist that rallies around making things happen, but at the mo I am committed to my little family, so I have figured the way I can do my bit is to model a different way of life to my children and to use this blog.

Going forward I’d like Parent Tribe to be a magazine type blog ‘inspiring change through intentional parenting’. I am going to blog or post vids, articles etc about Creativity, Spirituality, Environment, Nutrition and Education in family life. I want to focus on making change happen family by family and teaching our children a different way of doing things than the consumerist capitalist system which (I believe) isn’t working.

This is the start and I am working on making the change over the next few weeks to the website. I would also love to carry on supporting parents who have their own businesses around family life through a Parent Tribe directory, so please get in touch if you would like to be included.

I am also inviting people to guest blog or share their family story about an alternative lifestyle.

Please email me on [email protected] if anyone would like to get involved or guest blog.