I came across The Story of Mum through meeting the fab Pippa Best on Twitter and thought it was such a fab idea! Pippa started the fun and creative website to celebrate the ups and downs of motherhood and to also remember that as well as the most important job we have of being mothers we are all so much more!

I have hosted a virtual exhibition in the 2nd edition of Parent Tribe on pages 34-35. Check it out by viewing the mag here >>

As part of the virtual exhibition I am to explain what motherhood and identity means to me? So here goes…

Motherhood has changed me into almost a completely different person. It has made me brave and helped me be the person I really wanted to be, but never had the guts. I guess I have read a lot about parenting and analysed a lot about our culture since having my little man and realised things I didn’t see before, things I don’t like and won’t stand for with my children. Most of all I would like them to be kind to everyone and everything, to do what makes them happy and not to conform if they aren’t comfortable, so this means I have to try and model this on a daily basis. And I have found this takes guts, but it’s also great fun too and I would say I am the happiest I have ever been. I feel empowered by being a mother.

I would also like to say a quick word about motherhood and identity. I see a lot of women who become a mum and then can’t wait to give their children to someone else and get back to work as they say ┬ásomething like ‘I needed to be me again”. I feel really sad when I hear this because to me that means they can’t be ‘me’ with their children or by being a mum. I do however understand that being a full time mum is very demanding and I believe you do need something, some project, creative activity or part-time job that gives you something else to focus on, but I do feel sad that some people don’t feel themselves when being mum. I don’t blame these women at all though, I blame our culture and how careers and money are valued highly and being a full-time mum is not. I personally don’t know what could be more valuable and wish our culture and government supported and encouraged this rather than pushing mums back into work, and kids into childcare. I would say I have felt more ‘me’ since being a mum than any other time in my life, but I know we are all different too and what works for one mum might not work for another.


So anyway here is my personal bit for the exhibition. I am a mum and a…


Yep that’s me an IDEALIST for sure! The definition of idealist in the dictionary is:

Someone guided more by ideals than by practical considerations.

So yes other than a mother apart from being a wife, dog mother, graphic designer, runner of a natural parenting group, gardener, vegan (almost), lover of the seaside and dreamer of living abroad I am definitely an idealist.

A lot of my friends think I just change my mind all the time about pretty much everything and say they can’t keep up with what I am doing and what my plans are but I have come to realise that’s just the way I am. I dream about how I’d like our family life to be and try to come up with different ideas which could bring us closer to that dream, so plans change quite a lot. I will never settle and believe that if you want something to happen you can make it happen and I’d like to teach my son the same! Luckily I found someone who goes along with it and as my late grandma said “your lucky to have found someone to put up with you”! haha thanks grandma : )

There are so many other fab mums sharing what they do through the Story of Mum exhibition so check it out at www.storyofmum.com

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